Top 10 ways to get more website traffic from SEO

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Driving more traffic to your website can be TOUGH – especially when you are new to the business industry and have just started your Entrepreneurial journey.

You have finally launched your store digitally. You have created an amazing-looking website with everything your audiences will need.

Now, all you need are those digital visitors who can give your business that initial push.

But how do you go about drawing them in?

Do you know the problem is not with starting a business, setting up blogs, and starting selling products and services?

Instead, it is about getting that initial batch of customers to your website who can push your business from being stationary to start moving.

The only advantage of having a brick-and-mortar business is that people will look at your store, read the sign, and eventually know who you are and what you are. You will also start getting some foot traffic without any marketing with time.

But, the same thing cannot be said for your website.

There are millions of websites online that possibly offer the same thing as you. Thus, you need to be proactive and do things to make your business look outside the general group.

This is where SEO services help the website rank higher on the search engine and direct relevant leads to the website for doing business.

What Is SEO?

To understand SEO, you first need to understand Search Engines.

Search engines are the online entity or the gateway that connects you to the world of the internet. That means your search engines play an important role in your online presence.

Your website needs to be optimized according to the search engines to perform better and get maximum exposure. This is where the concept of SEO comes in.

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. This practice involves using different methods and tactics to make your website search engine friendly and secure a high-ranking position on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

How Does SEO Work?

Let’s just say that search engine optimization is a search engines’ product. So the developers developed a ranking factor to remain partial and allow only the most optimized content and website to rank higher.

However, before a search engine can determine which is the best content and most optimized website, it must need to be crawled and indexed.

Crawling: Crawling is an important part of a search engine. It determines the credibility of the content and the site’s health. Crawlers are small programs sent to scan the websites and their content. Then, they scan the website to see just how valuable the contents are.

Indexing: Indexing comes after crawling. Indexing is the way for the search engine to store online content for the users. All the crawled pages and websites are updated in the search engine’s database when the crawling is over.

Once crawling and Indexing are over, search engines will go through the ranking factors to determine a rank for the web pages and websites.

How To Get More Traffic From SEO Services?

No matter how great a website is, it will not do anything for the business if people don’t visit it. A business is as successful as the number of customers they get on its website.

Hence, you must get into the practice of formulating strategies that circle around generating more traffic. Because once you have the traffic, you can then think of converting them.

Here we will discuss our top strategies, methods, and tips – whatever you say – to help you get the traffic you need on your website.

1. Create High-Quality Content

Everything starts with a qualitative article. Therefore, the higher the quality of your article is, the more trustable your website will become.

Once your readers are convinced that you offer valuable information from your domain, they will return to read new information.

In addition, fresh posts are rewarded by Search Engines. So if you are publishing high-quality articles regularly, your website gets crawled frequently.

Ranking gets better, and it is also likely to get shared on social media platforms.

2. Optimize Your Content

No matter how good your content is, it is a waste if they are not performing online. The only way you can make them perform on the search engine is by ensuring every piece of content is SEO optimized.

When your content is SEO optimized, it gets the opportunity to rank higher on the search engine. The higher the ranking, the better for your business.

3. Host Webinar

A webinar is another method to get more traffic to your website. Webinars are where market experts talk, discuss, share and offer their thoughts on modern-day problems and explore possible solutions.

With many in-person events being put on hold because of COVID 19, webinars are becoming a popular way to communicate with larger audiences and generate relevant and qualitative leads for your business.

4. Promote Content In Online Community

One thing that the internet has given to businesses is to take advantage of our online communities.

There is an online community no matter what industry you belong to or what interest you share. This online community becomes a place where your target audience hangs out.

Where to find these communities? Well, you can find them on…

  • Forums.
  • Reddit.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Slack.

5. Write Guest Post

Guest post is one of the effective ways to increase your audience pool or get access to new audiences for your business.

Guest blogging is quite simple. You simply need to pitch to one of the same niche websites and ask for their permission to publish your content on their website. If they agree, you simply need to write a high-quality, relevant article for them.

In return, you will get a backlink to your website. The benefit of guest blogging include…

  • Boosted referral traffic.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • More backlinks.

6. Update Outdated Content

If you think that your work is done once you have published content. No, that’s not how content marketing works.

After you have published content, there is a possibility that new information has entered the market, and after a while, your content might feel incomplete.

In that case, you must keep track of the published content and see whether or not they need any modification or content upgrade.

Here are a few ways in which you can update content.

  • Update the existing blog post.
  • Add new original data to the post.
  • Update the images.

7. Repurpose Content On Other Channels

Most people think that repurposing your content can take away that originality. Well, that is only half correct. If you are repurposing your content on the same platform, that triggers some plagiarism issues. However, if you are repurposing your content on another platform, it might help you get extra views.

Now, you must be wondering how you can repurpose your content? Well, that is simple…

  • You can recreate your old content into videos and upload it on YouTube.
  • You can even use social media platforms to post those content.

8. Focus On Long Tail Keywords

As a new leaf working on the popular keyword can be tough, as the market leaders have already worked on the keywords. Hence, you might find it difficult to rank your articles.

Instead of targeting the same keyword, why not go for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are getting popular because of how saturated single-word keywords have become.

If you target your audiences with long-tail keywords, you can be very specific about what kind of audience you need for your business.

9. Analyze Search Intent

Search intent is becoming quite trendy in 2022. In fact, experts believe that search intent might overpower keyword searches.

Search intent is all about addressing the right thing people are searching for or expect to see in the search results. This has become an important consideration of modern SEO.

When you generate a keyword, consider dividing it into the following categories.

  • Informational.
  • Navigational.
  • Commercial.
  • Transactional.

The following sections will divide the intent of searches.

10. Perform Site Audit

Just like we need a regular health check-up, so does your website. You cannot just use your website for a business day in and day out without checking for any errors. And if you are doing so, you might be exposing your website to many problems.

Your website is the face of your business; you must take good care of it. Hence, it is important to run scheduled audits to ensure every problem on the website is taken care of before it gets out of hand.

Site audit helps the users scan the website and find errors. These errors can be as minor as a simple error code to as major as hosting problems.

Now It’s Your Turn!

We hope that this post helps you with different methods to get more traffic to your website. We have tried to keep everything in this piece of information.

We know that you might not find some of the methods you were hoping to be on the list are not there. It might have been possible that method didn’t work for us.

We would like to say that no strategy is wrong; it is just that the same strategy might not be implemented for different businesses.

If you think your strategy is effective enough to bring results, mention them in the comment section. We can assure you that our readers will appreciate your effort.