A Complete Guide to Fall Fashion Trends in 2022

Fall Fashions - Woman catching falling leaves on a Fall day
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60% of Americans feel that they can never find something to wear. If you’re one of them, that means you need more trendy staples in your wardrobe.

With summer drawing to an end, new fashion trends are here, so it’s time to get on top of them and make some purchases that will be your new go-to’s.

If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, here are the fall fashion staples you need to know about.

Statement Leather

Statement leather is a classic that will never go completely out of style, but it’s becoming even more popular this fall.

Classic leather jackets are the easiest way to get involved with this upcoming fashion trend. You can wear a leather jacket with a variety of different outfits, and a good quality one will last you years — meaning you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

But it doesn’t have to stop at jackets.

A pair of leather pants can look amazing with a variety of fall outfits. Leather boots can also be a great staple that will last for a long time, with knee-high boots looking amazing when paired with skirts and ankle boots great for jeans.

Pay a little more for a leather piece from a luxury brand, and it’ll last you for a long time to come.

Puffer Jackets

With the average fall temperature in the US dropping to around 53.9 Fahrenheit, it’s time to start looking for pieces that will keep you warm. Where better to start than a puffer jacket?

They’re not only practical, but they look great with many different outfits. They can be paired over a smarter business outfit or over something really casual.

It’s also easy to get one that suits your personality. If you want something a little bolder because you love to stand out from the crowd, consider a bright orange that’s perfect for fall. 

Prefer to blend in, or want something that matches more of your outfits? Consider a neutral black or fawn and that way, you can get the most use out of it.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are often thought of as being a summer outfit since they’re flowy and airy, but it’s still warm enough in the fall to wear one — particularly if you’re going to a nice event.

Pick one in burnt orange or brown if you want to be fall-appropriate. Army green also looks beautiful on a maxi dress and is a great, appropriate color for the season.


Catsuits are back in fashion and although many people don’t have the confidence to rock one, they’re for everyone.

These skin-tight one-piece outfits are perfect fall styles because they cover your whole body to protect you from any sharp breezes and still look amazing.

For a stunning, sleek look, get a low-cut black one. For a bolder look, there are plenty of prints and patterns available.

Show up to an event in a catsuit and heels, and everyone will be looking to you for upcoming fashion tips.


Much like puffer jackets, vests are not only in style — they’re very practical, as they add another layer of warmth as we move into the colder months.

Better yet, they look great on any gender.

Pair a vest with a suit for a sharp look that will have heads turning, or wear one with a more casual outfit to give it a more business-casual appearance. It’s best to get a vest in a neutral color, as it’ll match more outfits and keep that sharp smartness that people often associate with the item.

If you want to go a step further, you can match your vest to your tie — leaving you looking extremely coordinated.


While we have to leave convenient and comfortable sandals behind in summer, loafers are the next best thing.

Not only do they slip as conveniently on and off your feet as sandals, but they look smarter too. Brown loafers look amazing (and yes, you can pair brown with black — ignore that old rule).

Much like vests, they look amazing on any gender and are even office-appropriate, so you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.

Saturated Knitwear

If you live in one of the colder states, you’re going to want to make sure you’re insulated this fall, as it’s likely to drop a lot lower than the average 50 degrees. That means purchasing some knitwear!

From sweaters to knit skirts, the right knitwear is available for any occasion. Choose bright patterns to draw attention to your fashion choices or use black and white knit if you’re going to be in and around the office a lot.

You can even find knitwear blouses if you want to look really smart at work.

Baggy Denim

While many people believe that baggy denim has been left in the ’90s, they’re wrong. Good news for our comfort — it’s coming back.

Since 40% of Americans make fashion purchases based on nostalgia, they’ll be in their element.

If you want a pair of comfortable baggy jeans, then now is the time to make that purchase as they come back into fashion. You can also get an oversized denim jacket.

Denim jackets are perfect for those months when it’s cooling down but hasn’t gotten so cold that you really need to layer up.

If you invest in a high-quality denim piece then, much like leather, it will last a long time. Just make sure to listen to the experts’ advice and not wash your denim too much, or you may shorten its lifespan.

White Tanks and Blue Jeans

Baggy jeans aren’t the only ’90s trend that’s coming back. Pair your baggy denim jeans with a tight-fitting white tank for the classic look that, let’s be honest, we all miss.

You can throw a leather or puffer jacket over the top to really tie a few trends together, making you a fall fashion expert.

Cargo Pants

If you’re an outdoorsy person — or just like to be comfortable — then the good news is that cargo pants are coming back.

These loose-fitting pants are perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t be weighed down by uncomfortable clothing. They’re also great for lounging around the house or remote workers who don’t want to be tied down to being uncomfortable at home when they don’t have to be.

They come in a variety of colors, and even multi-color. Consider that camouflage print for a really classic look.

Pairing your cargo pants with a white tank is also a great move, though you could also pair them with a more formal top for working from home — who’s going to know on Zoom meetings if they can only see your top half?

Then you have the added bonus of still looking fashionable but casual if you need to run out for errands during the day.

Ribbed Styles

Ribbed clothing is covered in raised lines and is very common on thicker materials, which makes it a great choice for fall — and is probably why it’s coming back.

For work, you can get a knee-length ribbed dress that’ll keep you looking smart-casual in the office. Ribbed skirts and tops can also look great on nights out, or you can pair a ribbed top with your new baggy jeans or cargo pants.

Almost any clothing can be ribbed, so keep an eye out for this texture and style when you’re shopping for your fall fashion fix.


Tights are relevant every year when the colder months come around, but they’re making a particularly large appearance this year. Good news for those of us who want to keep warm while still looking great!

A classic pair of black tights can make any outfit where your legs are exposed look smarter. Some are even temperature-controlled or have control tops to help you out with any insecurities.

If it’s not smart, you’re going for, but fun, there are many pairs of fashion tights available. You can get a pair in a bright fall color like orange or red, or you can get lace tights that have cute patterns woven up the legs.

Whether you’re wearing a formal dress or casual skirt and top, tights work.

Add These to Your Wardrobe for Fall Fashion

Fashion is ever-evolving, and if you want to stay on top of it, you need to be aware of the fall fashion trends as we move away from summer.

This fall has it all. Whether you want practicality for the colder months and need to purchase a thick jacket or tights, or you want to look great in a catsuit or maxi dress, you can stay right on trend.

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