Top 10 Fashion Trends For 2022

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Why not? We have been away from our dear vacations, restaurants, and date nights for far too long!

Fashion designers, brands, and houses are looking to turn the clock back and make up for lost time, specifically the last two years.

With Spring Summer right on the horizon, we look to cover the top ten biggest fashion trends 2022 that you should be aware of.

Grace, levity, and moods, our list of clothing trends 2022 covers everything that you need to set both the catwalk as well as our normal streets on fire.

Y2K fashion is going to be big and you need to start right now if you want to enjoy a lead. While you might still be sipping hot chocolate under a warm snuggly blanket, it is time to do research and get your fashion affairs in order for Spring Summer 2022.

Fashion Trends 2022: A Sneak-Peek into the Larger Narrative of Fashion

Styles, colors, prints, fabrics, and more. If you have been concerned about what to wear in 2022, we have you covered. In this extensive resource on clothing trends 2022, we have rounded up the best of the best from the scintillating runways of Milan, Paris, London, and NYC.

If you know who Gianni Versace is, you would be knowing he is not a big fan of trends. While trends should never be the ones that tell you what you should wear and what you shouldn’t, you can listen to them to help give you an idea about what is happening around the world.

For example, 2022 is a momentous year after all the gloom and despair that the pandemic brought. Fashion has experienced a sizable shift because of the same. Fashion trends 2022 are all about-

  1. Clothes for going out in fun
  2. Workwear that is exciting and eventful
  3. Vacation fashion since the world is finally opening-up
  4. Date night styles since we are meeting face-to-face (Thank God!)

If you are excited as much as we are about fashion trends 2022, let us cut the cue and get back to them.

List of 10 Biggest Fashion Trends 2022 (Focus on Spring Summer 2022)

1. Cut-Outs are the rage right now

Bolder, edgier, steamier, and of course sexier, everyone seems to love a good cut-out piece of clothing. We are talking about everything from cut-out tops, tees to short dresses.

There are tons of options to choose from in terms of dress sizes, lengths, styles, and fabrics. Our favorite designers- Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, David Koma, and others are turning up the heat in the cut-out design space.

While cut-outs dominated 2021 as well, in 2022, well, they have just gone bolder! Whatever you like, there is always an option and cut that you will be able to find in 2022.

2. Mini-skirts are going to rule the roost

You know that it is a good time when the days keep getting longer and the skirts get shorter! Sorry for the cheek-in-tongue approach. Yes, it is true, minis are back with a bang.

With Michael Kors and Prabal Gurung reinventing the mini as part of their high-waist suits, it is refreshing to see the same on the runways. We are all for the nostalgia that is associated with mini-skirts.

The great part is that our famous designers have missed the same. Saint Laurent, Prada, and Brandon Maxwell all have minis in their collection to flaunt. The good old days are finally back…

3. Bright and Hot Pink signal that 2022 is going to be great

We are starting the new year on a refreshing zing. This means that Dior, Gurung, Versace, and Koma are not afraid to experiment with bright and bold colors.

Yes, hot pink is the flavor of the season and you should be brave enough to flaunt it. Why wouldn’t you; after all the sufferings of the pandemic, let’s start living boldly again.

Pantsuits, beachwear, or casual out-and-about dresses, start donning bright pink as you own it in 2022. There is no doubt that pink is the flavor of the season as far as fashion trends 2022 go.

4. Halter Necks are back in a big way

Loops or Criss Cross, take your pick. If you have been following runway shows from Milan to New York, you would have seen practically every major designer have halter neck pieces in their collection!

With vacation travel set to pick up in a big way, halter necks are going to dominate beach and loungewear in 2022. Everyone will be showing off their tan lines as prized possessions and halter necks give you exactly that.
You have options and tons of them as far as designers go. You have the usuals like Dior, Kors, and Valentino.

You have edgier options like Pyo, Siriano, and Tory Birch. If you want something completely out of the blue, maybe Saint Laurent’s halter neck catsuit might be something you should check out.

5. Low-rise is back to show off those pandemic abs

Most of us went into a complete gym-freak mode during the pandemic. All those hard cardio sessions will pay off, as designers like Versace, Tom Ford, and Brandon Maxwell are going to reward you by bringing the low-rise back.

If you have been waiting long enough to showcase those washboard abs and midriff to everyone, 2022 is the year to do it. While low rise might not be to everyone’s taste, the thing is that after surviving a pandemic, who gives a s***.

Go bold and adventurous with low-waist skirts, jeans, trousers, and minis. Trust us, you won’t feel left out as this fashion trend 2022 is ruling the runway from London to Milan.

6. The ‘Bra’ as a Top- yes please bring it on

For a while now, we have been seeing our celebs flaunting innerwear as outerwear. In other words, lingerie that is supposed to be on the inside is slowly creeping outside.

Designers like Tom Ford, Fendi, and Michael Kors have put all speculations to rest by using the bra (specifically a black bra) as tops. While you can always go with a layered option like jackets and coats, you can always be brave enough to wear it just like it.

If you are looking for a fearless option this new year, this might be the fashion trend for you. The question is- are you brave enough to give it a shot? We believe you should. After all, you have survived the pandemic!

7. Smart Statement Piece Trouser Suits that are edgy

Is there a Victoria Beckham in the house? Smart trouser suits have always been a power statement for women in high positions.

In 2022, they have become that and much more. If you want to infuse some color, think bold colors, then you have a statement on your hands. You can also opt for unconventional cuts and flared options.

A dash of the collar, a hint of skin, if you want to liven up your wardrobe in 2022, then statement piece trouser suits should be high on your list. Oversized trouser suits are in vogue all over Wall Street and for good reason.

8. Time to go Colour ‘Cord’-dinated everyone

Yup, you read that right, cords are back, and that too with a bang. If you are someone like me that loves to spend beachy summer vacation evenings lounging around in a pair of matchy-matchy clothes, then you will love cords.

Collared shirts that can be ruffled up to reveal just a hint of your bikini top will ensure that all eyes are on you at all times. You can always go for body-hugging cords that will show off all the gym, yoga, and Pilates classes you had taken during the pandemic.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can go for bright colors like neon greens, bright oranges, or even sea blue.

9. Feathers to help you fly on your fashion journey

Fashion trends 2022 is all about style, panache, and experimentation. We are all too tired after the pandemic and want to feel free. What better way to escape to an unjudgmental world than to use some feathers?

Prabal Gurung, David Koma, and Max Mara set the runaway ablaze with feather dresses. It was fun, exciting and something that no one expected. While there was an option from Max Mara as far as LBDs in black feather goes, Gurung was all about bright colors.

However, it is best that you stay away from yellow feathers that might give you the appearance of a big yellow bird. That would be a fashion disaster right!

10. Shimmery pleats that exemplify fun and excitement

Studio Glam 54 look anymore? Y2K is making a comeback with shimmering pleats. A touch of metallic brilliance is all it takes to take this look to the next level.

We are looking at everything from pleat dresses to skirts and tops! The best part about pleats is that they are able to elevate a simple outfit and take it to the next level of glam brilliance.

If you are going for a fancy dinner or even looking to vibe in the club, go for some stunning metallic pleats. Shine bright girl!

The Final Takeaway

If we would have to summarize fashion trends 2022, we would have to say it is all about being bold and living your life. Sexy silhouettes, midriff-baring dresses, and bras as tops have scorched the runways in 2022.

There you have it- the 10 best clothing trends 2022 that all of you should be aware of.

Do you think we have missed out on a trend that should’ve been covered? If yes, then we would request you to mention the same in the comments section below.