The Best Lingerie Brands To Shop For In 2022: A Complete Guide

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If you are reading this article on the best lingerie brands to shop for in 2022, then you are looking for either of the following things.

  1. Searching for lingerie brands that create and design pieces (bras and panty) in your specific size.
  2. There is a special occasion (an upcoming honeymoon, or an anniversary) coming up where you want to look extra special.
  3. You are on the lookout for affordable lingerie brands since you have a habit of not wearing innerwear for more than a month.

When it comes to buying lingerie, no two women have the same set of expectations or requirements. Some are looking for great organic materials that are comfortable and breathable, while others are looking for a piece of clothing that makes them feel sexy, strong, and powerful.

With so many brands, cuts, designs, sizes, and fits, buying from the best lingerie brands can be an overwhelming experience. This is why you need to take help from this resource article.

In this extensive resource on the best lingerie brands, we round up ten of the most exciting names. Specifically, we are going to explore what makes them unique, why you should give them a try, and what you should expect in terms of the price points.

So, slip into some snuggly PJs, pour yourself a giant mug of hot chocolate, and stay with us as we take you on an enchanting journey on the best lingerie brands of 2022.

List of 10 Best Lingerie Brands to Shop For in 2022

  1. Savage X Fenty

What do you get when you combine a superstar artist and women’s lingerie? You get a fantastic lingerie brand that has been able to arrest the attention of women all over the world.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand has been a huge hit and is garnering attention on the lines of what Victoria’s Secret once did. The designs, wide range of sizes, and the playfulness it brings reflect all things, Rihanna.

In just a little under four years, the brands have found major stockists like Amazon and ASOS. It plans to start with an athleisure line, which we no doubt feel would be highly successful. Miguel, Lizzo, and Bad Bunny have been promoting the brand.

  1. Calvin Klein Underwear

Another fashion brand that has revolutionized the lingerie and underwear scene has to be Calvin Klein. By now all of us are familiar with the logo strap that adorns bras and panties.

The brand started its underwear line in 1992 with what is probably one of the best campaigns of all time featuring Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg. Ever since then, it has frequently used leading celebrities to gloss its covers and billboards.

If you are looking for the most comfortable lingerie, with cute cuts and boyish charms, you need to go for Calvin Klein underwear. If you want to stop with uncomfortable wired bras, Calvin Klein is your brand.

  1. Agent Provocateur

Sexy, edgy, and provocative. Agent Provocateur was started by Joseph Corre in 1994. The brand is all about sensuality, sexiness and celebrates the fine lines and curves of the female form in a way many brands do not.

One of the limitations that the brand had in the past was not being able to offer sizes for female forms in terms of diversity. However, that has changed and we are pleased to state that they have been aggressive in terms of coming out with a multitude of sizes in the last few years.

There are tons of styles, cuts, and designs in satin, crystal, garter, belts, chemises, and more. This is the brand that you want for those special date nights!

  1. La Perla

If you have been buying lingerie for some time now, we probably do not have to tell you about who or what La Perla is. The iconic Italian brand has been a favorite of leading models, celebrities, and socialites for a long time.

Sheer laces, camisoles, silk, and satin have become signature La Perla lingerie. You should know that this is not the most affordable lingerie brand around.

If you want something that has been adorned and loved by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, then you need to have a few La Perla pieces in your wardrobe. This is a brand that is steeped in history, arts, and of course, sexuality!

  1. Marks & Spencer (M&S)

It is estimated that one in three UK women wear an M&S every single day! M&S has quite a fan following around the world.

Not only is it the go-to brand for professional working women, but it has also invested in changing its persona by having collaborations with the likes of Rosie Huntington Whitley. M&S has gone from strength to strength opening up showrooms in countries like India where it was immediately accorded a luxury tag.

You can buy everything from silk, lace, satin, trainer bras, and much more at an M&S store. In recent years, they have also launched their line of shapewear which you can get in several nude shades!

  1. SKIMS

When Kim Kardashian launches something, it is always big news. With SKIMS, the celebrity showed how good of a businesswoman she really is. SKIMS has taken the world of shapewear to the next level.

With tons of options in terms of sizes, colors, designs, and more, SKIMS is all about providing comfort while at the same time paying attention to the sensuality of the feminine form. The best part about SKIMS is that all its lingerie almost sculpts the female form.

You are not going to find a loose end anywhere on the fabric. If you are heavy-breasted and want additional support, you should check out SKIMS’ Fits Everybody Bra and Panty.

  1. Wacoal

The first thing that you should know about Wacoal is that it is a very old brand. In fact, they have been in the business of making lingerie for the last seven decades! Pick up any article on the best lingerie brands and you are more than likely to find Wacoal on the list.

They are now turning to technology and VR to help their consumers find the right fit and sizes. The brand is pretty affordable with lace options that can you get for as less as $80. You have options in the form of training bras, shapewear, or even some very intimate lingerie.

This is a great brand simply because it tends to always get the sizes right. When it comes to fit, you cannot go wrong.

  1. Intimissimi

You cannot wear a La Perla every single day. That is a fact. You need a lingerie brand that provides you with regular everyday comfort. This means that Intimissimi is a brand you should be taking a long hard look at.

Their bralettes deserve special mention as they are soft, supportive, and made from high-end materials. Do not worry about the fact that you will not be able to get your perfect size. You can get a whole range of sizes from 30C all the way up to 42C.

In addition to their extensive range of everyday lingerie, special occasion pieces, and sets, you can also choose to check out their sleepwear line. This can be your everyday brand!

  1. Honeydew Intimates

If you are on the lookout for the most affordable lingerie brands, then your search might end with Honeydew Intimates. Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because they are affordable, they will compromise on styles or materials.

No. Rather, what you get is something on the lines of Agent Provocateur. This means sheer bodysuits, lacy options, frill panties, and everything else that is undoubtedly sexy! Honeydew Intimates offers you a great start if you are looking to get into the world of sexy lingerie.

Since it is an affordable price point, you do not have to worry about the fact that you do not end up liking it. Which you will.

  1. Natori

Natori was founded on the idea that clothing should not only fit well but also inspire confidence. Josie Natori has made it her life’s mission to create stunning pieces of lingerie that combine both comfort and style.

Ever since then, the brand has grown in size, volume, and offerings. The story goes that Josie Natori started creating designs on the floor of her living room. There is a sense of timelessness to the designs.

When you see the cuts, you will immediately find that there is a difference between what Natori is offerings and other brands in the lingerie space. Natori is a great option if you want something simple, but attractive.

The Final Takeaway

Buying lingerie is not as easy as it sounds. With so many different materials, shapes sizes designs, and personal choices, the world of lingerie is a complex and complicated one. However, if you are following our list of the best lingerie brands, you will be making a sensible choice as we have tried to cover brands with different appeals, price points, and sensibilities. If you have any specific questions on the pricing front, be sure to write to us in the comments section below.