Top 15 Florida Fishing Charters & Fishing Trips With Pricing

Picture of Fishing Charter Boat in Gulf Coast of Florida
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The major vibe of Florida is in fishing.

Whether you are searching for a quick getaway from the hectic and stressful week you have, or you just want to enjoy your weekend, fishing charters can bring you the relaxation you have been longing for.

The best part is that you can spend some time on the sea with your family, friends, or loved ones. While you are enjoying some time doing a popular activity, you can experience the beautiful sunrise or sunset from the boat.

Top 15 Florida Fishing Charters & Fishing Trips with Pricing

When you are in Florida, you do not need to worry about the fishing charters and fishing trips. In addition to your fishing activity, you can roam a little through the seashore with the charter or boat and enjoy the bluish atmosphere.

Here are some of the top Florida fishing charters and fishing trips you can consider for your trip. For making a list complete and providing you with a complete solution, we have included the price chart as well.

#1 Drift Fishing Trip

Location: Coast of Fort Lauderdale

Price: $65

Duration: 4 hours

It is time to cast your life and go on catching your next meal on a half-day fishing trip from Fort Lauderdale. You can choose any schedule for this 4-hour excursion during the evening, afternoon, or morning.

#2 Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure

Location: Florida Everglades

Price: $26.79

Duration: 30 minutes

This one is a perfect option for you when you are searching for an escape to the Florida everglades. The airboat adventure, along with wildlife encounters, is a proper family time for a family outing at Sawgrass Recreational Park.

#3 Time Reef Bottom Fishing Charter

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Price: $65

Duration: 4 hours

For deep-sea fishing, you are also getting a half-day trip from Fort Lauderdale. On “Millionaire’s Row,” the cruise past the mansions that too on the way to the first line-in spot. After that, we will tell you to get ready to reel.

#4 Half Day Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Location: Miami

Price: $70

Duration: 4 hours

This half-day tour in Miami is perfect for deep-sea fishing. The best part is that you are getting an experienced and highly skilled guide with you to guide you through the Atlantic Ocean. The scenic boat journey will make you fall in love with the sea again.

#5 Shared Sportfishing Trip

Location: From Fort Lauderdale

Price: $187.50

Duration: 4 hours

In case you are dying to go deep-sea fishing but at the same time do not want to charter a boat, book your spot in those smaller group excursions. With a handful of people, board your boat and head out onto the sea.

#6 Half Day Fishing Trip

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Price: $73

Duration: 4 hours

When you are looking for a great way to get out on the water and admire the coastal views, this half-day fishing trip is the one you should choose. With this, you will get the chance to reel with some of your favorite fish, such as snapper, triggerfish, and grouper.

#7 Deep Sea Fishing At Riviera Beach

Location: Riviera Beach

Price: $76.39

Duration: 4 hours

When you are searching for fishing options, and we are providing you with the solution, we can not make the sin of skipping fishing at Riviera Beach. Go out in the water with a half-day outing you can aborad a custom-built aluminum drift fishing boat. You do not need to worry about a single thing, as the fishing license along with all the pieces of equipment will be provided.

#8 Mini Powerboat Rental

Price: $99

Duration: 1 hour

On a mini powerboat cruise down the waterways to spend some relaxing time on the water. The canal-ridden area that is popular as “American Venice” is lined up with a yacht in order to explore 165+ miles of navigable waterways.

#9 Miami Speedboat Sightseeing

Location: Miami

Price: $40.34

Duration: 45 minutes

Speedboats are something that offers you a totally different experience on the water. The Miami Coastline that is most popularly known as ‘Miami Vice-style’ can be explored here with this speedboat cruise. So, be ready and comfortable on your plus seat while the captain drives the speedboat down the sandy shoreline.

#10 Sightseeing Cruise

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Price: $27

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

If you are looking for an option to squeeze in a lot of sightseeing and that too within a limited amount of time, you should opt for this 90 minutes long sightseeing cruise option. Along the new river through Fort Lauderdale, cruise through the bluish salty water and soak in the breeze.

#11 Everglades VIP Tour

Location: Everglades

Price: $58

Duration: 4 hours

When you are planning to go on a fishing coat ride, it is best to explore all the most important highlights of the Everglades. Here you are not only getting the option to explore them but also getting the chance of having a completely guided and planned tour with an experienced lead.

#12 Seabob And Snorkel Underwater Guided Reef Tour

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Price: $149.80

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

The deadly combination of scuba diving, the SEABOB, snorkeling, and jet skiing is indeed a completely remarkable experience. Here you can swim with the fishes safely and quietly without disturbing them. Along with fishing getting this experience is simply awesome.

#13 Private Tour

Location: Florida Everglades

Price: $100.65

Duration: 1 hour

You also have the option of getting a private airboat tour only with your family or loved ones. With this, travel deep into the Everglades National park and encounter wildlife at Sawgrass Recreational Park. Experience the unique subtropical ecosystem in the Everglades park.

#14 Blue Heron Drift Fishing

Location: Blue heron

Price: $76.39

Duration: 4 hours

During the family-friendly fishing excursion, spend some time out on the Florida waters. Along with that, troll for fish to soothe your craving for fishing in the deep blue water. The coastline is perfect for catching some sailfish, barracuda, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper, and kingfish.

#15 Shared Big Game Sportfishing

Price: $235

Duration: 4 hours

With a half-day group tour, enjoy big game fishing off your favorite Florida coastline. This tour will cost you much less than a similar private charter. Go live bait fishing, wreck fishing, trolling in search of your target species.

Florida Fishing Guide

So, now you know the options you have for fishing through the coastline of Florida. You can choose any of the above as per your convenience, planning, and, obviously, budget. We all will agree with the fact that when it comes to saltwater fishing, Florida is a paradise for us.

However, you need to take care of a number of things for your safety. With proper tips, you will be able to enjoy your fishing trips more. That is why here we are also offering you some tips or more of a guide for Florida fishing.

  1. Gulf Stream

It is blue; it is deep. Also, it is full of all those large game fishes. They can easily turn the shape of a rod into a pretzel. Here you will find blackfin tuna, sharks, yellowfish, swordfish, kingfish, dolphin, sailfish, wahoo, and blue marlin.

  1. Flats

It is really amazing how a redfish or fat snook can traverse shallow waters, and that too, about the length of your hand. To get the best result, go in the water of two feet or less, specifically with sea glasses, sediments conducive, and bottom contours.

  1. Bays

As bays are relatively shallow, it is easier to fish here than offshore. Take different types of reels and rods in order to aptly duel with whatever slurs up.

  1. Jetties

Search for rocky or concrete jetties which line both sides of a choice spot. There you will find a lot of inlets that are angler friendly and also offer access and facilities after finding a good casting stage shot for mackerel, jacks, redfish, snook, and tarpon.

  1. Bridges

Night fishing is the best, particularly during the full moon phase. With a shrimp cast, a jig tipped up current and hopped it back to the piling. You might end up losing some rings in the rocks, but at the same time, you will catch more tarpon and snook.

  1. Piers

Do not worry; if you do not have a boat, just walk to deeper water. You might be a little surprised to know that pier anglers catch Spanish mackerel, redfish, tarpon, snook, trout, sheepshead, and other stars of the fishing world regularly.

  1. Shoreline

Beaches, islands, and even rocky coastal are great for fishing. Fish can hear the slightest noise, so move quietly. Either cast parallels to the beach or soaks bait on the bottom to tempt shook or red hunting.

  1. Rivers

Overhanging trees and mangrove shorelines always provide the fishes a =n escape from the sunlight. So, drift along promising banks along with casting the edges of the shoreline. Also, consider stumps near the dead trees and some other instructions.

Enjoy Fishing!

We believe you will get a complete guide from here. So, now plan a date and go fishing with your family or friends. Also, do not forget to book your charter or shared board prior. In case you have any further queries feel free to reach us; we will be happier to help you.

Enjoy Fishing!