10 Tips To Select The Best Vacation Rental Condo On Madeira Beach

Picture of Sunset on Madeira Beach outside of Condo Rentals
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I am heading out to the beach for the summer“!

Everyone knows and understands what the above ten words mean. They translate into a lifetime of experiences in a week or month-long epic stay on or near the beach.

Every year, thousands of individuals, couples, friends, and family members head out to Madeira Beach in Florida to spend the summer.

The first and probably the most important question on everyone’s mind – Where do we stay?

While you might imagine this question to have a relatively straightforward answer, the thing is, there is not one. In other words, summer and beach season means overbooked hotels, overpriced guest houses, and unsafe serviced apartments.

In the last few years, vacation rental condos are fast emerging as an attractive choice for many. Renting a vacation condo or home is never easy. If you are planning to spend the summer on or near Madeira Beach, Florida, and are looking for condo rentals, this resource will help you.

List of 10 Tips to Select the Best Vacation Rental Condo on Madeira Beach

  1. Look for a reputed and credible condo rental company

A simple Google search on vacation rental condos in Madeira Beach will throw up possibly thousand search results on companies, resorts, and vacation homes. What you should know is that not all of them are credible. It is essential that you do thorough research and find out names in the industry that have been there for a long time. Check out reviews and ratings first.

  1. Check out insurance coverages and fine print

The summer season attracts individuals from different parts of the country to Madeira Beach. This means that there is always an off-chance that some criminal elements might be looking to make a quick buck. Make sure that you look for insurance formalities in the event things get stolen from your room. Talk to the company or owner offering the condo rentals on Madeira beach.

  1. Having an idea about what you want from the condo rental

This is the best starting point. Understand who you are traveling with, what would be the exact nature of the space you would need, and other important details. This will help you figure out and find condo rentals near me in the 1-bed 1-bath configuration or even bigger ones. If you want a condo right on the beach, you have to spend a little extra on the location and views.

  1. Book fast during special seasons, events, and tournaments

If you wait for the last minute just before the start of the summer season, you will not find a desirable condo on Madeira Beach. This is why it is best that you plan ahead and proceed accordingly. The faster you start with the search and booking, the better will be the options and the pricing. When you are closer to vacation time, the prices tend to start soaring sky high.

  1. Figure out the amenities on offer and whether they are desirable

When it comes to vacation rental condos, there is plenty that you can look forward to. For starters, you have the pool and jacuzzi areas. Bigger and better condo properties come with tennis courts, entertainment zones, games rooms, and more. Depending on what you and your fellow companions like best, you can look at condo options on Madeira Beach.

  1. Avoid Renting Condos from Individuals or Families

During the summer season, there are plenty of normal individuals and families that rent out their properties to travelers. While this might be a cheaper option, it can lead to a ton of problems. If something breaks down, you might have to run from pillar to post to get it fixed. This is why it is always a better idea to rent from vacation rental companies that are more professional.

  1. Paying close attention to the condo rental agreement

Individuals and families that are looking at vacation condo rentals need to understand that they are not booking hotels. There are a lot of terms and conditions that they need to pay attention to. You need to have an idea about utility bills, cleaning, and housekeeping options. These are areas where rental condos make a ton of money. This can get you into a lot of problems later.

  1. Things might not go according to plan

A simple Google search on condo rentals near me might throw up tons of search results. Even when you book the best ones, there are things that can go wrong. A broken AC, or a kitchen sink problem that refuses to drain properly are occasional hiccups. You are not staying in a hotel so cannot expect things to be as proper. This can always be worked upon and rectified.

  1. Try to avoid paying in cash for the vacation condo rental

It is in your best interest to pay by credit card whenever you are booking condo rentals on Madeira beach. This is because credit cards offer the maximum check against online frauds. If you do not want to take the credit card route, try to use PayPal. Even if the owner presses you for cash, make sure you avoid that request and push for an online transfer instead.

  1. Reviewing the condo and taking pictures on arrival

Condos are notorious for hosting wild parties where tons of things break. You need to review everything and photograph the same so that the owner cannot blame you for damages. This is a trick that many unscrupulous individuals use to extract the security deposit. Try to spend as much time as possible reviewing whether things are alright or not. You need evidence.

Mistakes to Avoid when Booking Vacation Rental Condos on Madeira Beach

In the last section, we looked at the top tips that can help you land the best condo for your vacation on Madeira Beach. In this section, we are going to list down mistakes that individuals often end up making when booking Condo rentals.

  1. Never look at the photos alone that are advertised on a website or social media page. just like the saying goes- never judge a book by its cover, you need to follow through with this proverb with regard to condo rentals as well.
  2. Do not make the mistake of taking someone’s word when it comes to condo rentals. This is why you should always book from credible online platforms and bigger rental companies rather than through friends and relatives. Avoid this mistake.
  3. If you are renting a condo, make sure that you go through the reviews closely. If you do not find something that looks alright, dig deeper and find out more. the best vacation rental condos work hard to receive positive reviews and ratings.
  4. Never forget to look at the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Now, it is more about who wants to adopt what. This means that while you might see a pool in the photos, its use might have been curtailed or stopped because of COVID-19.
  5. Many people make the mistake of expecting hotel-like room service in rental condos. While the best ones offer exceptional services, you need to set your expectations in the right manner. Make sure everyone is familiar with this.
  6. If you have started staying in the condo, you need to raise issues and problems as soon as they emerge. If you spot something that is not working, you need to get in touch with the company and ask them to get it fixed immediately.
  7. Just like any other property, condos come with their own sets of rules and regulations. If you are not adhering to them, you stand the risk of losing your security deposit. There are rules on occupancy, holding parties, using amenities, and more.
  8. Condo rentals have strict cancellation policies. This is because as compared to hotels where people stay for a few days, condo rentals take booking for weeks! If you cancel, it can cost the rental company significantly. Pay attention to cancellation policies.
  9. Do not make the mistake of checking out of the condo and leaving it in a mess. Make sure that you have a clear idea about what you need to do. Some condos require you to load the dishwasher and empty the fridge and pantry among other things.
  10. Many condo renters treat the hosts or owner of the property badly. This is not a hotel where whatever you say will be met with a ‘sorry’. You need to understand that this is a partnership and you need to treat it as such. Appreciation and trust go a long way.

The Final Takeaway

In this article, we have tried to help people that are looking for condo rentals near me with tips and mistakes to avoid. If you are heading to Madeira Beach for the summer, you need to give condo rentals a real shot. This allows you to use a commercial property more like a home and enjoy the comfort and convenience that comes with it.