Everything You Need To Know About Tom Brady: Net Worth, Achievements, And Personal Life

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There is no denying the fact that Tom Brady is by far the most famous and successful name to have ever emerged from the National Football League or NFL. Not only in NFL, but Brady is also widely considered as one of the best and most successful sportspersons in the world. His name is taken with other greats like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher, and Mohammad Ali.

With 7 Super Bowl Wins and 5 Most Valuable Player Titles, Brady is by far the most successful player in NFL history. His strong work ethic, intelligent plays, and emphasis on simplicity have made him sustain long professional success and a career that outmatches any of his peers in the game. The star officially announced his retirement on 1st Feb 2022 after two highly successful years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 22 Seasons in whole.

In this biographic article about the legend, we are going to discuss some of his biggest achievements from his sporting career, discuss personal details about his life including his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. We will also be discussing his net worth, as well as telling you how tall is Tom Brady! If you want to know the enigma that is Tom Brady, check out what we have to say.

Tom Brady: Birth, Early Days and Schooling

Tom Brady was born on 3rd August 1977 in the Californian city of San Mateo. He was inspired by another NFL star, Joe Montana, and frequently requested his parents to take him to watch games of the San Francisco 49ers. Brady had always shown an inclination towards sports and excelled in both American Football as well as Baseball.

Did you know that he was picked by the Montreal Expos in the MLB Draft of 1995? However, he was keener on taking up football and decided instead to pursue his schooling at the University of Michigan and try out for their college team. He spent the first two years as a backup for the Michigan Team, only finally starting in 1999 in his junior years.

Many people do not know that Brady was picked by the New England Patriots picked him as the 199th Draft Pick in the NFL Draft of 2000. According to leading experts, this was the best sleeper pick in the NFL’s entire history! More than six other quarterbacks were picked before the NEPs finally picked Brady as a back-up!

Tom Brady: NFL Playing Career and Achievements

  • 22 Career Seasons
  • 7 Super Bowl Victories
  • 5 Superbowl MVP Titles

The list of records for the NFL’s future Hall of Famer is never-ending. Tom Brady will not only go down in history as the best Quarterback to have ever walked into the Gridiron but as the most successful NFL player of all time; period!

In this section, we are going to look at some of the major records and achievements that Brady has held in his career spanning 22 NFL Seasons.

  1. Professional NFL Games Started– In all, Tom Brady assumed his mantle as a Quarterback starting in a record 316 NFL Games.
  2. Professional NFL Career Wins– The legend from San Mateo was a through-and-through winner, ending up winning a record 243 games during his NFL playing career.
  3. Career Pass Completions– Over his 22 seasons, Brady achieved the distinction of completing an astounding 7263 career passes. This is a phenomenal number.
  4. Pass Completions in 1 Season– Tom Brady also holds the record for the single highest pass completions in one season. That figure stands at a mind-boggling 485.
  5. Passing Touchdowns– What made Tom Brady the legend that he is are Passing Touchdowns. He has had plenty of them in his career; around 624 of them!
  6. Career Passing Yards– This is one record that probably no quarterback in history will ever be able to break. We are talking about 84520 whole yards!
  7. Playoff Games Represented– Tom Brady stood in a record 47 Play-Off Games in his career for the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  8. Playoff Games Won– Of the 47 games in the Play-Offs that Brady started in, he won a remarkable 35 of them.
  9. Touchdowns in Play-Offs– Brady made it count when it mattered the most. In the 47 Play-Off Games, he registered 86 Touchdowns. A record in its own right.
  10. Super Bowl Appearances– The superstar quarterback featured in 10 Super Bowls, winning a record 7 and losing just 3 of them.

Many leading experts point out that some of Tom Brady’s records might never be broken simply because of the fact that he has played for so long. We will have to see if there would be anyone in the future that will be able to outrank the legend.

Tom Brady Personal Life: Wife, Children, and Net Worth

The first thing that you should know about the power couple, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen is that they met on a Blind Date! That date took place in December 2006.

  • Yes, you heard that right. The legendary NFL quarterback and the beautiful supermodel were set up by a friend for a blind date. Bundchen later revealed that for her, it was love at first sight, as Brady’s eyes could tell her that he was a man of integrity.
  • Post the blind date, the couple quickly started dating. In January 2009, Brady finally popped the question to his supermodel girlfriend at the time. After just a month-long engagement, the power couple got married in Los Angeles in February 2009.
  • Tom Brady has one son from his previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He came to know that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child three months into dating Gisele Bundchen.
  • From their marriage, the couple has one son and one daughter. The son Benjamin is now eleven years old, while the daughter, Vivian is 8. His eldest son from his past relationship is named
  • The couple is also fond of their three furry friends who they have named Fluffy, Scooby, and Lua. It goes without saying that the dogs too enjoy a complete celebrity life!

Tom Brady is not the talent, heaviest, or muscle-popping athlete in the NFL. In fact, if you have always asked yourself how tall is Tom Brady, you should know that he stands at six feet four inches tall and weighs in at 102 kgs.

Tom Brady: Health, Strength Training, Diet and Success

If you have to be a top athlete like Tom Brady, you have to prioritize your health, fitness, and stamina levels. The fact that Brady could play at the highest levels for so long was attributed to his own intrinsic style of training, diet planning, and conditioning.

When Tom Brady released the book, The TB12 Method to discuss how his body has helped him perform consistently over 22 seasons, the world got an insight into the legend’s personal routine.

  1. Tom Brady avoids traditional strength and weight training. He likes to keep his muscles supple and flexible and he does this by using resistance bands. This allows him to keep his muscles flexible and pliable to make all those long touchdown passes.
  2. When it comes to eating and diet patterns, both Brady and Bundchen make it a strict point to avoid any sugar products, dairy intake, or even tomatoes in their diet. They go for an avocado ice cream when they feel like a cheat day!
  3. Brady has been vocal about training his mind and brain to optimize peak performance. He does this through several mental training exercises, memory routines, and more. this helps him prevent cognitive damage or memory loss (as you age).
  4. Brady goes to sleep quite early. Unlike other sporting celebrities, he does not stay up too late. It has been mentioned that he hits the bed at 8.30 PM and wakes up pretty early to get started before anyone else does.
  5. Tom Brady is a strict disciplinarian as far as training ethics are concerned. He is not known to miss a single training session and has even played through some bad injuries and career-threatening accidents.

How Much is Tom Brady Worth?

Many leading commentators speculate that Tom Brady has won over $300 Million Dollars from his playing career with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has also been in the news to help save NEP around $60 Million to help them stay more competitive in the league.

Add to this are his various endorsements with Beats By Dre, Under Armour, Aston Martin, and other high-profile brands. However, many have also reported that his wife, famous supermodel, Gisele Bundchen is worth nearly $500 Million. She is also set to cross the $1 Billion mark as the first model in the next few years.

The couple owns a series of high-profile and luxury real estate from New York to LA. They keep buying and selling properties in the millions every couple of years. With Brady finally hanging up his boots, the world awaits what the legend will be up to next. Everyone is certain that there is a Golden Jacket awaiting Tom Brady in Canton, Ohio in the near future.