What Really Happened With Bob Saget Death

Image long before Bob Saget Death of Premier to Bad Grandpa by Jackass
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Bob Saget was best known for playing a doting single father, Danny Tanner in CBS’s successful sitcom, Full House. The show also introduces the world to the brilliance of Ashley Kate and Mary Olsen.

Bob Saget’s death came as a shock to the Hollywood community that had always held the comedian and star in high esteem. Apart from being a brilliant stand-up comedian (Young Bob Saget), he enjoyed success with several shows and movies.

Some of the noted movies and series that Bob Saget featured in were Entourage, Benjamin, Father and Scout and Netflix’s follow up to Full House- Fuller House. Saget was well known for the calm and quiet demeanor that made him stand apart from his peers in the industry.

In this informative article on Bob Saget’s Death, we are going to look at some important details that we have learned in the aftermath.

  • The reason for Bob Saget’s Death
  • Unanswered questions around Bob Saget’s death
  • Personal and Professional details about Bob Saget
  • What colleagues and peers say about Bob Saget
  • The Bottom Line

If you are interested in knowing the most comprehensive resource on Bob Saget and his death, please stay with us till the end of the article.

Bob Saget Death: Events Leading Up To The Death

Before we come to the findings of the Autopsy Report that was released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, it would be better to trace the sequence of events first.

  1. Bob Saget was in the first leg of his Comedy Tour titled, ‘I Don’t Do negative Tour’ in Florida. He had just performed at the Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida on 8th January 2022.
  2. He was staying at the Ritz Carlton in Grande Lake, Orlando. He was expected to perform two more shows later in the month in Florida at West Palm Beach.
  3. Officers from Orange County were called on 9th January to the hotel after staff found an unresponsive man in one of the rooms. The man was identified as Bob Saget.
  4. Officers at the scene identified that Bob Saget has suffered from a blunt force to the back of his head and bled out. Initial assessments pointed to a fall.
  5. There was no foul play detected at the scene. While there were calls for more investigation, no evidence of any kind suggesting the same was found in the room.
  6. The death was initially thought to be the result of an accident. However, it was clear that waiting for the Autopsy Report would help shed light on this even more.

Trauma to the head was concluded to be the primary reason that led to the death of the actor at the Ritz Carlton suite.

Bob Saget Autopsy Report: What Did The Orange County Coroner’s Office Say

According to the Autopsy Report that was released by the Coroner’s Office in Orange County, Bob Saget died because of a blunt force that was applied to the head. The report was released on 9th February 2022, exactly a month after the star was found in an unconscious state in a hotel room at the Ritz Carlton.

There was an impact on the base of the skull and this is what led Saget to bleed out around the brain. The report also stated that there was no evidence of any foul play on his body. The same backed up the initial investigation that was done by the officers at the Ritz Carlton. However, there were mostly padded and soft areas around the room.

In the words of the doctor, ‘Bob Saget hit his head against a hard object that was covered by something soft.’. Saget died in Orlando and not in Jacksonville as some conspiracy theorists were suggesting. Doctors stated that it would have been impossible for him to take a two-hour drive. Hence the conclusion that he had a fall and hit his head which led to his death.

Unanswered Questions Around Bob Saget’s Death: What you should know

The autopsy report concluded that Bob Saget accidentally fell down and hit his head against something. He then probably did not think about the fall and went to bed. There was internal bleeding in the brain that led to his death.

However, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the death of the star that his fans are struggling to come to terms with. The following are some of the major ones.

  1. Even though the Coroner’s Report suggested that he has hit his head, there were no laceration marks were found on Bob Saget.
  2. Investigations revealed that the entire suite the star stayed in was padded. This means that there were soft-touch areas all around.
  3. The autopsy report pointed out that ‘nothing was located in the room that allows for a definitive conclusion.’
  4. If Bob Saget’s head hit an object, no skin tissues were found anywhere on tables, countertops, bathrooms, or any other piece of furniture.
  5. There was no alcohol or any other drugs that were found in Saget’s blood. It is hard to imagine that he simply tripped and fell. He was a healthy functioning adult.

The family of the actor came out with a statement immediately after the Autopsy Report had come out. They requested fans to remember the star and the family in their thoughts and prayers.

Bob Saget: Personal and Professional Details

In this section of the article on Bob Saget’s death, we look at some details regarding the star and his personal and professional lives.

  1. Young Bob Saget: Early Life

Bob Saget was born in a Jewish family in Pennsylvania on 17th May 1956. He always intended to become a doctor but it was his English Teacher at Abington High School that saw a creative spark in him and encouraged him to seek a career in films. Saget attended Temple University’s Film School and developed his passion for the craft.

  1. Bob Saget Height

Saget has been fondly remembered as America’s Dad thanks to his portrayals in Full House and Raising Dad. He was always tall and lanky and stood at a height of 1.92 meters. He was a particularly tall individual and stood heads and shoulders above most of his co-stars. For comparison, Uncle Jessy or John Stamos has a height of 1.79 meters.

  1. Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget was a successful Hollywood star that rose to prominence because of his comic timing. He starred in highly successful sitcoms and movies. According to reports, at the time of his death, Saget was worth a handsome $50 Million. He and his wife Sherry had invested in several real estate properties in Los Angeles. However, the star has maintained a humble life.

  1. Bob Saget Married Life

Saget first got married in 1982 to Sherri Kramer. Together, they have three children, all daughters. They got divorced in 1997 after fifteen years of marriage. Saget then tied the knot with the host of the TV show, Eat Travel Rock, Kelly Rizzo in 2018, nearly 21 years after his divorce. He does not have any children from his second marriage.

Industry Reaction to Bob Saget’s Death: Peers and Colleagues

Almost the entire industry remembers Bob Saget as a kind-hearted individual that was always helpful and supportive. His co-star from Full House, John Stamos took to Twitter to say that he was ‘gutted’ to hear about Saget’s death. He concluded his tweet by stating ‘I love you so much Bobby.’

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who played Saget’s daughters in Full House remembered him as the “warmest, most loving and compassionate human being” ever. Dave Coulier who played the funny friend to Saget in Full House posted a picture of the two from 2017 and wrote “I’ll never let go brother.”

Actor Jason Alexander who played George in Seinfeld stated that Saget’s loss hit very deep. He said that Bob was a kind man that cared about how people are. Everyone, including the Screen Actor’s Guild, said that they were ‘deeply saddened by the sudden passing away of the star.

The Final Takeaway

Bob Saget made everyone laugh on America’s Funniest Videos. He played the father everyone wanted to have in Full House and Raising Dad. In his second innings in life, he wanted to go back to doing what he best felt doing- Stand Up Comedy.

Maybe his passing away in the middle of a tour symbolizes that he was finally at peace doing what he loved best. There are very few high-profile names in Hollywood that commanded as much love and respect as Bob Saget did. His passing away was a huge loss to the industry.

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