DIY Easter Basket Ideas For 2022

Easter 2022 Easter Basket and Colored egges with flowers in the background
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Every year, individuals, families, and couples celebrate Easter with much fanfare and gusto. It is a day of celebration, as Jesus Christ, our Lord, was resurrected by God on Easter. While Easter definitely has a religious connotation to it, over the years, it has been celebrated as a day when families and friends get together, break bread and enjoy each other’s company.

For children, and even me, Easter is one of the only days of the year where there are no limits on eating chocolates. We are talking chocolates in everything from Easter Baskets, Chocolate Eggs, Gifting Items, and more. Easter is celebrated the world over by everyone gifting each other extravagant gift baskets that contain treats, chocolates, mason jars, etc.

In this great DIY article on Easter Basket Ideas for 2022, we encourage you to ditch the baskets and hampers that you get in supermarkets, or in your local store. Why not try to do something more for the people who you love. We are going to help you create the best Easter Gift Baskets that is sure to surprise and wow everyone you gift them to.

Easter Basket Ideas 2022: What should be your starting point?

The first thing you should do even before thinking of what should go into your Easter gift hampers or baskets should be to figure out how many you need in the first place.

Make a list of all the adults, teens, and children in your circle, and then write this down. If you want to make this something special, you need to tailor-make your gift hampers according to the individuals (at least the age they are at).

This means that the Easter basket or gift that you would be giving to an octogenarian in your family cannot be the same as an eight-year-old niece! At the end of the day, you want something that is cute and will be remembered for a long time.

According to leading gifting experts, you need the following items to help you create your very own custom Easter Basket for 2022

  1. Decorative baskets, preferably made from cane, wicker, or any other eco-friendly materials. Do not use plastic, if you can.
  2. You need a ton of craft supplies like glue, tape, staplers, scissors, paint, and any other items that will help you with the packing.
  3. Make sure that you are choosing attractive gifting papers. There are quite a few great options that you go for. Try to color coordinate for the different age groups.
  4. If you want to take this experience to the next level have pompoms and bows that you can attach on top of the Easter baskets.

Even before you think about the gifts, you need to be prepared with the above craft supplies. This will make your task so much easier.

Top Ten Best Gifts to Put in a DIY Easter Basket in 2022

In the last section, we offered some insights on how you should begin your Easter gifting process by getting your craft supplies in order. In this section, we are going to help you with the best gifting items that you need to put in the hampers or the baskets.

  1. Chocolate Eggs for Easter

Let us be honest. No Easter is complete without chocolate eggs. Not only do they carry symbolic meaning, but they are also tasteful and delicious. If you are concerned about kids eating too much candy during Easter in the form of chocolate eggs, limit this in your Easter Basket to just a couple. There are so many brands from Cadburys to M&Ms that make them.

  1. Cookies and Bakery Items for Easter

I have never come across an individual that does not love cookies! I mean, they are delicious. The experience gets elevated if they are fresh. In very simple words, they are a great addition to any Easter basket and make a great gifting item. In addition to cookies, you can also include sweet buns, bread, and other confectionary items that will be liked by one and all.

  1. Colouring Books and Fun Educational Content

Every family has kids. Every family has parents that are worried about their children’s educational abilities. Apart from gifting them chocolate, why not show some sensitivity and gift them coloring books and different types of educational materials. This will help them keep engaged, learn a few new things and develop their educational capabilities.

  1. Dolls, Action Figures, and Stuffed Animals for Kids

Many make the mistake of thinking or considering Easter as just a time when food and desserts should be gifted. That is definitely not the case. If you have children in your family, you need to think about toys and board games as well. Depending on how big your Easter Basket is, try to include their favorite dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals.

  1. Jewelry, Tees, Tops, and Headbands for Teens

If you have teenagers in your family or friend circle, it is probably a bad idea to think about them as kids. They are very well at that rebellious teenage stage where don’t like anybody or anything. For them, gifting options like jewelry, ties, headbands, scarves, etc. might be a great fit. You can bunch a couple of them with some chocolates and you are good to go.

  1. Health Gadgets, Wine, Cheese, and Tea Hampers for Seniors

Just like you cannot gift stuffed animals to teens, so too should you refrain from gifting jewelry to seniors and adults. At their age, you need to ensure that you are giving them something that they will be able to use. You can go for safe options like tea hampers, wine and cheese combinations, health gadgets like fitness trackers, etc. This will be more suited to what they would want.

  1. Craft Supplies and ArtWork for Creative Adults

There are no set rules when it comes to what you can gift for Easter. Depending on who you are giving to and what they like, you can opt for creative easter baskets that contain a ton of art supplies and craftwork. There are always creative youngsters in a family that want to create things with their own hands. Maybe customize a sneaker and so on.

If you want to make sure that your Easter Basket Ideas really stand out, you need to pay attention to who you are gifting the hamper. The more you pay attention to the ages, interest areas and what a person requires, you will be able to create a personalized experience as far as Easter gifting is concerned.

Planning a Successful Easter Event or Get-together for 2022: Things to Note

Most of us plan Easter get-togethers where we talk, dance, eat and celebrate the goodness in all forms of life. An Easter event where everyone from your neighbors to your family and work colleagues come over requires some serious planning.

  • Firstly, set out the objectives of the Easter Event. For example, do you want to make it kids-centric, informal in nature, or are planning to raise money for a social cause? You need to ensure that you finalize the objectives and then move ahead.
  • Secondly, no Easter event can be helped unless you first decide on the budget for the same. Budgeting means taking into account everything from gifts, hampers, food, drinks, catering, staff, lighting, and more. Set and decide on this right at the very outset.
  • Thirdly, you need to pay attention to who you are going to invite to the Easter event. Understand the demographics and fix your attractions accordingly. Teenagers, young children, and seniors all need their own comfort zones as far as the event is concerned.
  • Fourthly, if you do not want to hold the event in your own home, make sure that you choose a location that is accessible and centrally located. The more unique the location, the better will it help to make your Easter event stand out.
  • Fifthly, plan for some fun activities at the Easter Event. For example, you should have games that would be appealing to everyone. You need to understand that Easter is a time for bonding with your circle of loved ones. Having activities is essential.
  • Lastly, ensure that the food and drinks are of very high quality. Make sure that you are tasting the food menu and integrating things that will enjoy acceptance from a large cross-section of your guests. The same goes for drinks as well!

The Bottom Line

In the last few years, Easter events have become quite mainstream and community-centric. To be honest, they are a much-needed break that helps us forget the trials and tribulations of everyday life and focus on what really matters- love.

In this article, we have tried to cover some of the things that we feel will help you plan your DIY Easter Basket for 2022. Additionally, we have also offered credible information and education on holding Easter Events.

If you have any more questions or doubts about DIY Easter Basket Ideas for 2022 or any other point that we have mentioned in the article, please let us know in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you out to the best of our abilities.