Top 12 Places To Travel: Best By Months Of The Year

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Travelers are always looking for the best places to travel by the months of the year. When it comes to experiencing the perfect vacation or tour, timing is everything! If you are able to plan your trip keeping in mind the climatic conditions in that part of the world, you will always have a pleasant experience. Not doing that will simply waste your financial resources.

With the world slowly opening up after the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2022, global travel and tourism are finally turning a new leaf. Yes, it is important to still be following COVID-19 protocols everywhere you go, yet the fast vaccinations and less potency of the later strains were enough for world bodies like the WHO to announce that we are entering the endemic phase.

If you are an individual that wants to plan a heap of revenge tourism plans, then you have landed on the right article. In this extensive travel resource, we are going to discuss the best places to travel by month of the year. No matter what your work schedule looks like, or whether you prefer colder or warmer climates, we have you covered in this resource.

  • Best Places to Travel in January

    There are many individuals, couples, and families that plan their vacations in January. This is because the holidays have just ended. Most of us tend to plan vacations towards the end of the year, rather than at the beginning. Others want to start the new year on a positive note. You will be greeted by low room rates and less crowded tourist centers and destinations.

    If you want to catch the Northern Lights, you can take a trip to the Scandinavian countries. If you are a beach nut like me, then you will find the beaches of the Caribbean to be just perfect this time of the year. For travelers looking to explore something more exotic in nature, South-East Asia offers a warm and sunny bet with Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines being excellent.

  • Best Places to Travel in February

    You need to remember that the month of February signals the end of the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere. This is why if you are looking to explore some great hiking trails, Patagonia promises to be a great option. Central America is great at this time of the year. Countries like Argentina and Chile really come into their own in February.

    Please understand that cheaper and sunnier options like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam are generally very crowded and expensive in February. This is the best time to visit South Asia. February is also perfect for visiting a country like India. The northern parts, especially Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Delhi have excellent spring-like weather which makes them perfect.

  • Best Places to Travel in March

    March is probably one of the best months of the year to plan your vacation. The simple reason is that in most parts of the world, March means exam season. It is also referred to as the Shoulder Season or lean season. This means that you will be able to crack those affordable deals on flight tickets, hotel rooms, and other tourist activities.

    The Mediterranean is just about beginning to warm up. This is a good time to visit since the crowds seem to settle sometime in April. If you have always wanted to visit the Pyramids, make sure to visit Egypt. It has some brilliant weather at this time of the year. The Maldives in the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise that should be on top of the list of beach bums!

  • Best Places to Travel in April

    April marks major climatic changes in different parts of the world. Japan and its Cherry Blossoms attract millions of tourists to this part of the world in April. Additionally, the tulips are in full bloom in the Netherlands at this time of the year. Individuals planning for road trip vacations should note that the United States is perfect in terms of the weather.

    If you want to head over to South America, you can always check out Cuba’s natural brilliance and old history. Again, the entire Caribbean is warm, sunny, and toasty. Anywhere you go- Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or, Puerto Rico, you will be greeted by perfect tropical weather, Sun-kissed beached, never-ending cool cocktails, and tan lines!

  • Best Places to Travel in May

    May is when European countries are starting to bloom. If you have wanted to check out the Czech Republic, this is the perfect time to visit its capital, Prague. You will be greeted by the Spring Music Festival that draws artists from different parts of the world. Portugal is also beautiful in May and draws many travelers from different parts of the world.

    If you are an adventure freak and hiking is something you are fond of, explore off-beat destinations like Bhutan and Nepal that are perfect for this. You need to avoid countries like India that are simmering in hot and humid conditions in May. Many travelers are now looking to visit China during the May months because of the great weather.

  • Best Places to Travel in June

    It is June and this mean that the travel and tourism season is picking up in almost all of Europe. This means crowded public spaces, high hotel rates, and overcharging cabs! While Greece will be crowded, now would be a good time to explore countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Brazil will be cool, but still pretty dry. If you are into the arts, Canada promises tons of attractions.
    You have the Montreal Film Festival, International Jazz Season, and Festival, along with Canada Day. The United States is enjoying great weather as well in June. If you want to catch the great Wildebeest Migration, you need to be in Tanzania in June. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.
  • Best Places to Travel in July

    July means the Monsoon season in South Asia. It is best to avoid places like India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and other south-east nations. Europe is at the peak of the tourist season. While there are tons of attractions and perfect weather, you will find millions of tourists making a beeline for every shop and hotel room. You might want to stay away from Europe in July. So, where can you go in July? For starters, you can always opt for a safe destination like the US and its beaches. The National Parks come into their own in July. Kenya’s Masai Mara attracts many travelers as this is the start of the Safari Season. The Great Migration takes place in Kenya and Tanzania during June and July. This is a spectacle to behold!
  • Best Places to Travel in August

    If you always wanted to soak in the coastal lifestyle of Italy, August is the perfect month. The crowds are far lesser as compared to July. You can also check out Spain along with exploring Portugal. Another lesser-known tourist destination that attracts crowds is Croatia. You will love living in the midst of Croatia’s intimate music festivals and fun sailing adventures.

    Lovers of art are invited to visit the single biggest Art, Culture, and Music Event that is held every year in August in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a month-long celebration of the arts, culture, literature, and music. It sees live shows that have some of the best theatre, circus, opera, and many other attractive offerings.

  • Best Places to Travel in September

    Travelers looking to explore the Himalayas will find the September months to be the most attractive. This is because the region has come out of the wet monsoon season and will slowly enter the winter. September promises cool climates, fewer crowds, and no rains. You can also visit other parts of India like Agra before the winter tourist crowds start to set in.

    If you want to catch some of the biggest festivals that are held every year, you need to book tickets to Germany and Austria during September. You will be able to witness the world-famous Oktoberfest that is held during the last week of September and lasts all through October. When you visit in September, you will be able to enjoy lesser crowds.

  • Best Places to Travel in October

    October once again signals the beginning of the lean season that will last right up till the start of the winter December season. Now would be a perfect time to visit some off-beaten destinations. Turkey is warm, sunny, and attractive this time of the year. You will fall in love with Antalya thanks to its rich culture and never-ending coastlines with beaches.

    Cyprus is another great destination that should be checked out. The weather is great and you will be greeted by some amazing nightlife. South American countries like Argentina and Chile are warm and dry during October. If you visit them now, you will be able to avoid that who will flock to this part of the world during November and December.

  • Best Places to Travel in November

    Thailand starts attracting visitors from November and this usually lasts right up to the New year. Chiang Mai is a great destination as it enjoys beautiful festivals. The festival sees thousands of lanterns being lit and released into the sky during Yi Peng and Loi Krathong. Morocco is a top travel destination that is recommended by Trip Advisor in November.

    If you want to catch the best sights and sounds of America, then plan a vacation to New York City. November sees the famous Macy’s Parade take place in NYC. While the cold is definitely setting in, Colorado is welcoming skiers to its icy mountains already. If you want to escape the cold, you can always escape to Hawaii and enjoy the tropics with great cocktails.

  • Best Places to Travel in December

    December means that skiing season is in full swing. You can always head to the European Alps for some of the best snow. Down America, Utah and Colorado are top destinations for adventure seekers on the mountains. If you want to leave the cold weather behind, South Asia might be your cup of tea. Australia is also brilliant if you want to explore a sunny Christmas.

    Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos are some of the tropics that you can consider if you are migrating from colder conditions. With New Year just around the corner, try to explore locations like Rio, Dubai, Sydney, Mumbai, and others. All these regions of the world ring in the new year with gusto and fanfare.

The Final Word

In this resource, we have covered the best places to travel by month of the year. If you have any more questions or queries on what we have mentioned in the article, please reach out to us in the comments section below.